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Pregnancy and birth can be a beautiful, empowering experience.  At Attuned Midwifery Services, we believe deeply in the normal and physiologic process of pregnancy, labor and birth.  Hallmarks of our care are individualized and family-centered care, informed consent, shared decision-making, respect and evidence-informed practice.  We hope to meet you soon!

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We have a new business phone number.  Please call 915-307-9615 for all issues related to midwifery care.

Please contact us as soon as possible for a free consultation.  Limited space is available and our calendar fills up quickly!  We are accepting clients with due dates in 2023 EXCEPT July and September.


For the next few months, we will be holding  a raffle for a free prenatal massage for any new clients who register in March, April, or May.

Our office is located at 2829 Montana Ave., Suite 206.  We see our clients for prenatal and postpartum care in the office.  We attend births at home.  

Photo credits: Blanca Gonzalez (top), Chris Moore (middle)

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