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Midwife Annie Kuntz is a Certified Professional Midwife licensed in the states of Texas and New Mexico.  In 2001, Annie began her journey learning the art of midwifery at Casa de Nacimiento, a busy birth center in El Paso, Texas.  She witnessed her first birth only three hours after arriving at the birth center, and instantly knew birth was her calling.  Annie immersed herself in the study of midwifery and completed her internship and subsequent residency in 2004.


In the following years, Annie had the opportunity to train with homebirth midwives in Colorado, Utah, and Texas.  She has always felt that learning skills and styles from so many different midwives has greatly diversified and enriched her practice.  Since becoming licensed in 2007, Annie has worked as a staff midwife at both Casa de Nacimiento and Maternidad la Luz, providing client care and training midwifery students.  She has a passion for “midwifing the midwife” and sending skilled midwives into their communities.  Annie began her private midwifery practice in 2015, and was a provider at the Retreat Maternity Center from 2016 until 2019.


Annie’s experience in midwifery, and her own births to her four children, has taught her the critical importance of respectful, compassionate care.  All families should have access to education and options in their pregnancy and birth care, no matter their circumstances.  Annie has made true informed consent a pillar of her midwifery practice.  She has had the privilege of working with families from all walks of life.  She honors the power of birth, and is awed every single time she witnesses a new life enter the world.  Annie has attended over 900 out-of-hospital births, and continues to serve families choosing home birth in the El Paso, Texas area.


Photo credits: Blanca Gonzalez

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