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Annie was a stellar midwife. Not only was she always prompt and professional, but her personality and years of experience put me at ease and gave me confidence, a critical ingredient for an expecting mother preparing to give birth at home. Her visits encouraged the inclusion of my older children. My daughters would take turns measuring my stomach or helping with the doppler. Annie concerned herself with my whole experience--the physical, mental and emotional aspects of my well-being. The day my baby was born, Annie orchestrated the birth room perfectly. She knew when to get close and when I needed space. I trusted her implicitly and had a beautiful water birth. I can't recommend her highly enough.



Annie was such a joy to work with and to have attending our birth. She has such an infectious personality and always made me feel welcome and cared for. She goes the extra mile to ensure you know what’s going on through the entire prenatal process and helped me realize my dream of a water birth. She never thought I asked silly questions or got frustrated over the things my previous OBs would have rolled eyes at and I’m so grateful for that character trait. My birth was a gorgeous time that I will never forget and she was there for me every step of the way. Laughing when I laughed, gave me quiet and encouragement when I needed it and helped me bring my daughter into the world surrounded by strong women in a water birth experience I truly will never forget. I 5/5 recommend her and I’d never choose another midwife to bring our littles into the world.


Having Annie by my side throughout pregnancy and delivery was such a blessing. She was always available for me to bring my endless questions and worries to her. And she was absolutely amazing during labor. I ended up choosing to go to the hospital during labor and deliver my baby there. Annie came with me and stayed the entire time by my side. She even went with my little one to the nursery when dad had to run an errand taking all the pictures. She made me feel so comfortable throughout my entire pregnancy and birth, and supported me no matter the decisions I made for my birth. We were so incredibly thankful for her and would recommend her to anyone.


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Annie is an excellent midwife! The care she provides is skilled, personal, loving, honest and patient. I've had three babies with three different care providers (baby #1 with an obstetrician in a hospital, baby #2 with a midwife in a hospital, and baby #3 with Annie at a birth center) and the care I received from Annie far surpassed the care from my previous providers. Not only did Annie provide me with wonderful care but she went out of her way to include my husband and our boys. She encouraged my whole family to be part of the prenatal and birth process and made all of us feel important. Annie helped my family greet our little girl in a more personal and loving way than I ever realized was possible. I am so incredibly thankful for the quality of care that I received through Annie. Through Annie, my family and I had the most beautiful birthing experience and I cannot think of a better way to bring a baby into the world.


I cannot express enough how AMAZING Annie is!!! I switched my care late in my pregnancy (I believe I was 35 weeks!!) The hospital I had planned to deliver at ended up not being my ideal environment. I am soooooo happy I followed my heart and placed my trust and care in Annie’s hands. All of my visits were treated with love & care. My labor and delivery was emotional, empowering, and special all because of Annie’s wonderful care. She is so gentle, loving, and truly cares for you and your baby. And I absolutely loved our postpartum care, making sure that not only was baby doing great, but that I was equally doing great (physically, emotionally, mentally). I truly feel that Annie was meant to be our midwife to support and encourage me; my husband and I knew right from meeting her that she was meant for us! I am so grateful I was able to have a successful VBAC with Annie by my side! Thank you.


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We transferred care to Annie in my third trimester. I had been seeing her colleague for my prenatal care but she moved out of state, and referred our family to Annie for the remainder of my pregnancy. I interviewed Annie and another fantastic midwife, but I felt a connection with Annie instantly. She is easy to talk to, gentle, knowledgeable, and friendly. I was sad and afraid to switch providers near the end of my pregnancy but Annie made it so comfortable and I felt safe and cared for from the first time we spoke. My other kids were included in our prenatal appointments and they loved that! Family centered care at it's finest. Annie listened to my concerns about delivery and I appreciated that she made suggestions and ultimately left all decision making to me. Come the day of my baby's birth things moved quickly and my labor was fast. Annie watched carefully over everything, and encouraged me to labor as my instincts guided me. Immediately after birth of the placenta I hemorrhaged and continued to lose blood for the first few hours. Annie calmly used her expertise to handle the blood loss and get it under control without ever needing to transfer. I felt relaxed and confident in her abilities. I hemorrhaged at the birth of my first baby too and the way it was handled was traumatizing. With Annie, I never worried. I knew I was in good hands. In the weeks after birth she continued to offer solid support and thorough care. I highly recommend her midwifery care to anyone seeking an empowering and positive birthing experience.


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